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Cycling sports sunglasses review. Your eye safety, body safety and cycle (wink) are easier to ensure with this important tool

2017-06-05 16:05:42 0 By: O'Neal Times Read: 766

Your eye safety and ultimately, your body safety and that of your precious cycle (wink) are easier to ensure with one important tool – your sunglasses. 

What!  Yep.  Let’s review why:


Clear view Cycling is a great way to work out and it also involves sweat.  Sweat around your eyes can cause regular glasses to fog up.  Vented sunglasses flow a breeze to wick away that sweat. 

Clear vision Photo-chromatic cycling glasses begin practically clear and transition in the sunlight by darkening the lenses.  These glasses are great for beginning before dawn or ending after dusk.  No need to carry multiple glasses for your safety.

Gripping power Choose sunglasses with textured areas or rubber areas at nose and ears.  This extra touch helps keep your glasses in place, especially when sweat pops up.

Swappable lenses Choose frames that offer multiple lenses.  You are better prepared for the environment and lighting whether sunny, cloudy or dark with a selection of lenses suited for your needs. Good reasons to choose interchangeable lenses that come as a kit for selection, case, cleaning cloth all functioning nicely together.

Surface view Polarized lenses cut down on glare to water, snow, or glass. 

Big picture Wraparound sunglasses give you an improved peripheral view.  Imagine you are on a trial in Yellowstone and your riding partner says “Bear” Those wide banded sides would have you saying “What bear?!”  When selecting cycling sunglasses, think of expanded view.

Extra protection Look for shatterproof as well in case of impact by a face smash on the ground. I know, I know, it never happens to you.

 Go the extra mile for eye protection.  It pays off in safety. 


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